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What does an Executive coach bring to the table?

First of all, it is a confidential process between the coach and yourself. This is a very important part of the value because it frees you up to speak your mind and not worry about repercussions.

Second, the coach’s major focus and purpose is to make you highly successful. In coaching it is ALL about you not the coach! Where else can you find that?

Third, the coach brings a fresh perspective that you are highly unlikely to get anywhere else. When you are in a leadership position people tend to tell what they think you want to hear. An Executive coach will tell what you need to hear.

Fourth, one major focus of an Executive coach is to hold you accountable, focused, and in tune with the business! There is really no other accountability as valuable as what an Executive coach can bring. There is no hidden agenda or vested interest in this coaching process. Is that not refreshing to know???

In order to understand the value of Executive Coaching it will benefit you to be aware of the myths surrounding business executives. There are 5 common myths;

    1. The Management Myth – It is a very common myth for people to think that leading and managing are the same. Think about it what do you manage and what do you lead? You manage things and you lead people. Two vastly different things. I am sure that you would much rather be lead than “managed”. So would other people.

    1. The Entrepreneur Myth – Most people assume that entrepreneurs are leaders. The truth is that is rarely the case because that is not what they do best. In the private equity world this is completely recognized.

    1. The Knowledge Myth – you have heard the saying that “Knowledge is Power” (Sir Francis Bacon). There is a general idea that having knowledge automatically makes a person a leader. If that were the case, then all the knowledgeable college professor should be great leaders. What has been your experience with college professors?

    1. The Pioneer Myth – Just because you are out in front does not necessarily make you a leader. To be a leader you must have followers that are committed to you and your vision.

    1. The Position Myth – If you ask most people, they will tell that it is the position that makes a person a leader. The fact is “It’s not the position that makes the leader; it’s the leader that makes the position” (Stanley Huff). What do you think?

A major benefit of having an Executive coach is they can get you out of any of these myths and guide you into becoming an outstanding Business leader.

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