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If you want to change you have to change what you are doing and stay focus on what you should be doing. This mean that you must protect you focus like it is a million dollars! The truth is that a “protected focus” can produce more than a million dollars’ worth of value!

We are back to focus.

Why is it so important to protect your focus? It is important because focus is the fuel of desire.  When you focus is not protected desire is not big enough to activate discipline in your life so you can do what you do best.

As you can see focus is where it starts. Most people try to put discipline into their lives with the “tool or method” of the month. That is not where it starts.

It starts with focus! Focus is the fuel of desire and when desire becomes big enough it activates discipline. Desire will become bigger than, Obstacles, Insecurities, and Fear of rejection, etc.

When focus is right the desire becomes big enough to activate discipline to move and/or take action.  What happens after that cannot be stopped. It accelerates and builds momentum with exponential growth!

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