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Value of Executive Coaching

It is beneficial for you to understand the value of Executive Coaching and mentorship. This is fundamental to achieving success and becoming a Great business Leader. In this section there are brief explanations of the value of both. The explanations just touch the surface of their value in order to educate and create interest in you learning more.   

Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google, who said that his best advice to new CEOs was “have a coach”. Schmidt goes on to say “once I realized I could trust him [the coach] and that he could help me with perspective, I decided this was a great idea…”

We all know the value of a great coach in the sports arena. No one would recommend a sports team not to have a coach.

However, there seems to be lack of understanding of the value of an Executive or Business coach. In a lot of ways there is a lot more at stake in the business environment for you than any sports event. Business people and senior executives all over the world are starting to realize the value and turning to Executive coaching to give them the completive edge. Executive coaching is making the difference in successful businesses vs. failures.

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