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Employee Performance Enhancement Program

There is a lot of “talk” today about how “employees are the most important resource”! Really?

Then why are the employees some of the first things to be cut when the going gets tough?

Maybe, it is because they are called “resources” instead of “assets” that are valuable!

Would you like to be considered an asset verses a “resource”?

There is a single proven method/approach to focus and enhance human performance! The problem that most management has is they believe it is psychologists that know the most about people and what they know does not seem to apply to business!

There is one way to scientifically explain human performance! This is generally unknown to business yet we as individuals use it or are impacted by it every day!

The key questions you need to ask yourself are:

  1. Do you know the relationship of your employees’ behaviors and the results they create?
  2. Do you know what motivates them to improve?
  3. Do you know what discourages their performance?
  4. The answers to these questions are just part of what will become known to you when you embrace this Performance Enhancement method.

People do not always do what you tell them.

Two ways to change behaviors:

Do something before the Behavior or Do something after.

“People do what they do because of what happens to them when they do it.” Aubrey Daniels

Four types of consequences are:

  1. Positive reinforcement (R+)
  2. Negative reinforcement (R-)
  3. Punishment (P+)
  4. Extinction (P-)

The organization that can effectively use all four performance enhancement consequences (R+ R- P+ P-) will achieve performance enhancements quicker and reach levels of performance greater than ever expected!

The Performance Enhancement program is based upon a proven Scientific discipline and decades of research! It is NOT guesswork, or some individually created (management, business, or philosophical) concept of how to enhance people’s performance.

It has been used by many to help people and businesses to achieve exceptional performance and success above most expectations!

I have successfully used this program in several businesses and my people have excelled way beyond my expectations and sometimes above what I could have imagined!

These concepts and methods can be used in all walks of your life!

I have personally use them with my children (in life generally) and when I applied them properly it has enhanced my relationships. When I have failed to use them properly it has helped me to understand what went wrong and correct my behavior!

Remember we are all human and like everyone else we will make some mistakes in implementing this program. Do not let the mistakes cause you to abandon the Scientific process. Just learn from them!

I wish nothing but “Much Success!”

You do not need “good luck” to make this work! In fact, no one really needs “luck”. They need success!

Based upon “Bringing Out the Best in People” Aubrey C. Daniels and experience of Stephen Murphy

Performance and Improvement navigator in Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois, Nashville, Tennessee, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Denver, Colorado, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

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