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2 – The Law of Influence

The true Measure of Leadership is Influence – Nothing More, Nothing Less

 “When a real leader speaks, people listen.”

A true leader accomplishes great things because they are able to influence people not only within their responsibility but people outside of their “control”.

Throughout my career I have been able to achieve major successes through my ability to influence others that I did not “manage” or things I was directly responsible for. That is the power of “the Law of Influence”!

These are some common myths that reinforce the “Law of Influence”.


Do people follow you because they are following your direction? Your policies? The procedures? If yes, then you are a great manager.

If they are not influenced by YOU to follow YOU, then you are not a “leader” – you are a “manager”.


Being an entrepreneur does not automatically qualify you as someone with people skills and influence. Many are not good with people. Many entrepreneurs find it best to partner with someone skilled at working with people.

I have started at least two business by being able to influence people into starting them. No one initiated me to start them and once started they because highly successful due to my ability to influence – employees, supporters, and customers!

“If you can’t influence people, you are not a leader. Entrepreneurship does NOT equal Leadership.”


Think of 5 of the most intelligent people in your circle.

 Are you following their lead because of their intelligence and guidance?


Are you following their lead because their influence has captivated you to move in their direction?

I have found that throughout my career I have truly “followed” people because of their influence not their position. In the past I have operated with the concept of sometimes it is better to “Ask forgiveness” than “A for permission”. This has been mainly due to the power of “influence” not knowledge.


You can get there first, but if no one follows you, you are not a leader.

During my career if people are “managed” by me and not being influenced by me they will do the minimum necessary to get the job done. No more – No less! When I have been an “influence” on them they achieved greater than what I expected and sometimes much more!

“To be a leader, a person has to not only be out front, but have people intentionally coming behind them.”


It’s not the position that makes the leader; it’s the leader that makes the position.” ~ Stanley Huffty

Have you worked for a CEO, Chairman of the Board, President, COO, CFO, etc. and followed their rules? Of course, you would!

Were you truly influenced by them as Leaders or their Titles?

Throughout my Career I have worked for 4 CEO’s and in each case, I was influenced by their leadership and achieved things they did not even imagine (nor told me to do)!

True Leadership is Influence – here are 7 Factors of Leadership:

1. Character – People can sense Truth, Integrity

2. Relationships – Surround yourself with the right people

3. Knowledge – Study, learn. Know the facts. Do your homework!

4. Intuition – Energy, morale, timing, momentum. What do you feel?

5. Experience – What challenges have you had in the past?

6. Past Success – What is your track record? Have you extended yourself, taken a risk and succeeded?

7. Ability – What are you capable of? Can you be a good coach?

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The Law of the Influence