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6 – The Law of Solid Ground

When people lose trust in their leaders, the entire organization suffers. Why?

No one will follow a Leader they don’t trust. The Law of Solid Ground is all about trust-based leadership.

How does a leader build trust? By consistently exemplifying competence, connection, and character. People will forgive you occasional mistakes, especially if you’re new and still in a learning process. But they won’t overlook flaws in your character.

Trustworthiness is the most important trait in a leader.

You build trust by having good character. If you’re honest, caring, fair, hardworking, and/or a variety of other traits customers find appealing, they’ll trust and follow you. If you lie and cheat, customers will turn away. Your character communicates three things about your trustworthiness as a leader to your clients: 

  1. Your character shows whether or not you are consistent. People want to know if they can count on you, and if they can always count on you, in every situation.
  2. Your character demonstrates your leadership potential. Talent is only a portion of potential. To be a good leader and get things done, you must have positive personality traits. 
  3. Your character determines whether or not people respect you. You build respect by making good decisions, admitting mistakes, and prioritizing others. Your character determines how you make decisions, handle your mistakes, and choose your priorities. 

Trust is the glue that holds an organization together. Leaders cannot repeatedly break trust with people and continue to influence them. Trust is the foundation of leadership.

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The Law of Solid Ground