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8 – The Law of Intuition

Leaders view the world differently than other people do.  They look beyond empirical data and consider intangibles such as morale, momentum and chemistry.  

Leaders are attuned to many intangibles and can “read” the following:

1. Situations. Leaders can walk into a room and sense the team chemistry and dynamics.

2. Trends. While followers and managers think short-term, leaders think years and decades ahead. They can “feel” where a company is headed. 

3. Resources. Instead of personally doing things, leaders maximize resources, especially other people. 

4. People. Leaders can sense how people are feeling. 

5. Themselves. Leaders are aware of their current state of mind, strengths, and weaknesses. 

When it comes to being a strong Leader, this means that your gut feelings are formed through your life experiences – and if needed, can be reshaped to help your get ahead.

The Law of Intuition might be a tough concept to grasp, but intuition is a skill that can be learned. 

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Stephen W Murphy:

The Law of Intuition