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9 – The Law of Magnetism

This Law states that consciously or not, we tent to attract people who share at least a few of our core characteristics.

 John Maxwell makes an important but not always obvious point: that your employees more than likely have a lot in common with you. People tend to gravitate toward others who are similar. You might notice this in your friend groups, and it’s true of employees as well.

By nature, people are attracted to people with whom they share a lot of fundamental characteristics. Consider your friends, followers, and the people around you. You’ll probably notice some similarities: 

  1. Age. You attract people who are approximately the same age as you.
  2. Attitude. Positive people tend to attract positive people, and negative people tend to attract negative ones. Attitude is also contagious—people will change their attitudes based on the people around them. 
  3. Relatability. You attract people who have a similar culture and background to your own.
  4. Morals. You attract people who have similar values to your own. 
  5. Compatible energy. It’s difficult for people with different energy levels to work together. You attract people who have a similar level to your own. 
  6. Talent in your field. Followers are attracted to leaders who are good at the things they’re good at. 
  7. Leadership skills. If you’re a leader, you’re going to attract other leaders

It’s hard to become aware of the image you project, but once you know how to master the Law of Magnetism, you’ll never have to worry about hiring qualified talent again.

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The Law of Magnetism