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11 – The Law of the Inner Circle

Every leader’s potential is determined by the people closest to him. If those people are strong, then the leader can make a huge impact. If they are weak, he can’t. That is the Law of the Inner Circle.

Nobody does anything great alone. Great leaders surround themselves with great people. Most people create an inner circle of people. However, they are usually not strategic in doing so. 

To practice the Law of the Inner Circle, you must be intentional in your relationship building. You must give thought to the accomplishment of your mission and the success of the people who follow you. Only if you reach your potential as a leader do your people have a chance to reach their potential.

There are 3 steps to growing your inner circle:

1. Identify the right people

2. Develop your inner circle

3. Become the best leader you can

It is important to move poor leaders out and bring effective leaders into an organization in phases.

People perform better when they are teamed with people performing at higher levels than they are.

Hire the best staff you can find. Develop them as much as you can, and hand off everything you possibly can to them.

Leaders who diversify their inner circle are more equipped to lead in the best direction. One person cannot manage a project by themselves. When you get the right people in your inner circle, the company is better because of it.

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Stephen W Murphy:

The Law of Inner Circle