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13 – The Law of the Picture

People Do What People See – Great Leaders Lead by Example

When leaders do things, people copy them.  As a leader, you need to carefully consider your actions, keeping in mind that they’ll be multiplied by all of your followers.

Leading by example is the best way to communicate vision. Leading by example is especially important in uncertain times. Uncertainty is not inherently problematic.

Chances are your associates will not be able to envision your business’s future goals as clearly as you can because they don’t have the same perspective. It’s up to you to make sure they understand the vision as well as to motivate them to achieve it.

Important to remember:

  1. Followers are always watching. 
  2. Because people imitate leaders, you need to change yourself before you try to change anyone else. 
  3. People value leading by example more than other leadership traits such as strong ethics or knowledge.

The Law of the Picture is an ongoing process. You need to continually evaluate your behavior and make tweaks to ensure that you’re always growing.

The law of the picture is about setting a good example, becoming a role model for best practices.

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The Law of the Picture