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15 – The Law of Victory

Have you ever thought about what separates the leaders who achieve victory from those who suffer defeat?

Leaders make things happen. They are unwilling to accept failure as their reality and choose to do all humanly possible to achieve victory. Not just for themselves, but for their teams. Leaders live and breathe success.

Victory requires all three of the following:

  1. Unified vision – Everyone must consider winning to be the same thing.
  2. Variety in skills – You need different skills to win.
  3. A strong leader – A team needs a good coach.

Leaders understand that they don’t need to win every battle to be victorious. They are patient and understand that victory sometimes takes time and often even sacrifices.

Leaders are resilient. They don’t feed off of the past, but choose to move forward toward the next victory. Leaders are achievers. Leaders are winners.

Good leaders accept ONLY victory. Failure or quitting is not an option.

Victory-seeking leaders are responsible, passionate, creative, and utterly committed to their vision.

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Stephen W Murphy:

The Law of Victory