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17 – The Law of Priorities

The Law of Priorities is all about having what it takes to put priorities first on the to-do agenda.

Being busy doesn’t necessarily equate to being productive, achieving, or accomplishing. Time is finite, so good leaders regularly evaluate they’re spending it. They choose to focus on activities that help them achieve their goals, and drop activities that don’t.

There are 3 Rs that play a role when it comes to the Law of Priority.

  1. Requirement – As a leader, your list of requirements must start with what is required from YOU.
  2. Return – Spend of your time working in the areas of your strengths.
  3. Reward – It’s worth spending time on things you love.

Realistically, there cannot be multiple “first things.” If you want to get things accomplished as a leader, you need to prioritize effectively.

The very best application of this law is to address multiple priorities with a single action. If you can do one action but satisfy several priorities, then you’ll be able to increase your focus without using up any extra time.

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The Law of Priorities