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18 – The Law of Sacrifice

As you rise in leadership, your responsibilities increase as your rights decrease.

Non-leaders sometimes have the misconception that leadership is pleasant—you get freedom, power, and wealth. While some leaders do get these things, the constant among successful leaders is that they’ve earned their success through sacrifice.

Here are some things to keep in mind to successfully apply the Law of Sacrifice:

  1. It is impossible to succeed without sacrifice.
  2. Leaders need to sacrifice more than the average person to be successful.
  3. Sacrifice is a process, not a one-off.
  4. The sacrifice is proportional to the level of leadership.

The Law of Sacrifice states that those who do, will go up. And those who continue doing this, will stay up.

If you are determined to advance, make a list of the things you are NOT willing to sacrifice. This could be your health, your marriage, or time with your kids. Then make a list of what you have to give up. Can you give more of your time, energy, or other resources to boost the organization’s success? What do you have to offer?

Finally, keep in mind that to be a great leader, the sacrifice never ends. Many people assume that once they get that next promotion, their routine can go back to “normal.” Being a great leader means continual sacrifice to become the best version of yourself. 

Sacrifice is necessary if you want to grow as a leader. 

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Stephen W Murphy:

The Law of Sacrifice