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20 – The Law of Explosive Growth

Becoming a great leader is about more than attracting followers. You also need to spend time developing leaders and encouraging strong employees in your company to grow.

Since leadership is the cap on success, developing other leaders is the only way for an organization to truly excel. If you develop only yourself, you’ll personally succeed. If you develop a team, your organization will improve. But if you develop leaders, your organization will experience exponential growth

Developing leaders is very different from attracting followers.

There are 3 levels of leadership.

  1. Personal development – All the leaders have to start here first. You have to get good before leading others. If you develop yourself, you will experience personal success.
  2. Team development – At this stage you start looking at your team. You keep improving as a leader, but you also connect, model and add value to others. 
  3. Leaders’ development – At this stage you start being intentional about working with leaders. You find them, invest in them and support them in becoming THEIR best. At this stage your success starts compounding. 

Whether you’re looking for leaders for your team or organization or you’re looking to create a group program to influence them, conditions are the same… Leaders are hard to find.

Leaders who develop leaders experience an incredible multiplication effect in their organizations that can be achieved in no other way – not by increasing resources, reducing costs, increasing profit margins, analysing systems, implementing quality management procedures, or doing anything else.

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Stephen W Murphy:

The Law of Explosive Growth