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21 – The Law of Legacy

Because leaders work with people, including other leaders, they have the potential to influence beyond their own lifetime.

Therefore, all leaders should be concerned with succession and legacy.

“Achievement comes when you do great things by yourself, success comes when you empower your employees to do great things for you, significance comes from developing leaders to do great things with you, and legacy comes when you put leaders in a position to do great things without you”. – John C. Maxwell

Below are some steps to developing your legacy:

  1. Decide what your legacy will be early. – Consider your sense of purpose, strengths, opportunities and whom you might be able to impact. 
  2. Start living your legacy while you’re still in your leadership position/still alive.
  3. Pick successors.
  4. Create a succession plan.

There are four phases of legacy development:

  1. Solo. Leaders achieve things by themselves.
  2. Add followers. Leaders are successful when followers do things for them.
  3. Add other leaders. Leaders are significant when their leaders do things with them.
  4. Remove original leader. Leaders create a legacy when their leaders are capable of doing things without them.

You need to decide what kind of legacy you want to leave behind. It is an ongoing process to work on throughout your career.

People aren’t remembered for their accomplishments; they are measured by how well their successors continue their work.

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The Law of Legacy